WARN Notice FAQs

Beginning in March 2020, HMSHost began furloughing associates due to the unforeseen business circumstances related to the sudden and drastic decline in business related to effects of the coronavirus/COVID-19 natural disaster (“COVID-19”). To date, HMSHost continues to see an unprecedented decline in traffic in airports and on the motorways. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the travel and restaurant industries and, unfortunately, HMSHost sits at the crossroads of both.

While it is our desire to see our airport and motorway traffic return and bring back all our valued associates, and while we reasonably believed this would be possible by summer, the unfortunate (and in March unforeseeable) reality is that it is going to take a significant period for our business to recover. Like many businesses in our industry, this reality requires HMSHost to make very difficult decisions, one of which is informing our associates who were furloughed on a temporary basis that their temporary furlough will be converted to a permanent layoff.

On August 11, 2020, HMSHost mailed WARN notices to all furloughed associates. The date of the permanent layoff is set forth in your WARN notice.

Here is some information about your WARN notice and what it means for your employment with HMSHost. We will continue to update these as we have more information.


What is a WARN notice and why am I receiving it?
The Worker Readjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act and similar state laws require HMSHost to give associates advanced notification of a lay-off.

What if I didn’t receive a WARN notice?
WARN notices were mailed to all furloughed associates using their last known address on record with HMSHost. If you believe you did not receive your WARN notice, please submit a question and a HMSHost representative will contact you.


What will happen if I am not recalled prior to the permanent layoff date?
If you are not recalled by the date set forth on your WARN notice, your employment status will be converted from furlough to permanent layoff and your employment with HMSHost will end on the permanent layoff date. HMSHost will follow its normal procedures for processing the end of your employment, and you will receive a final paycheck for any wages due or accrued vacation pay that you are eligible for according to the rules of the plan.

Will this affect my COBRA status?
No. Your COBRA eligible event occurred when your benefits ended.

What will happen to my 401k Plan?
For participants with account balances greater than $1,000, you may keep your balance in the HMSHost 401(k) Plan as long as you want. Account balances less than $1,000 are paid out according to the rules of the plan. Participants may request a rollover to another retirement account (individual IRA or other employer sponsored plan).

Note – if you contributed to the HMSHost 401(k) plan during 2020, you will likely be due a company matching contribution which is scheduled to be paid into the plan in March 2021. For more information, you may contact Fidelity Investments at 800-835-5095 or through www.netbenefits.com.

What will happen if I have a 401k loan?
You may continue to make loan repayments after your employment ends direct to Fidelity. If you deferred your loan payments under the CARES Act rules, your outstanding loan balance and accrued interest will be re-amortized in January 2021 and you will be sent new payment instructions by Fidelity. (Failure to make loan repayments as required will result in your loan being deemed a distribution, which could result in penalties and taxes owed.) For more information, you may contact Fidelity Investments at 800-835-5095 or through www.netbenefits.com.

What if I am covered by a Union Health & Welfare/Pension Trust Plan?
HMSHost cannot provide you with up to date information about your union-administered health/welfare or pension plans. You should contact your union representative for more information.


How do I stay in touch to learn about future HMSHost opportunities?
While we do not anticipate many job openings, if any, to be posted in the near future, we encourage all associates who were permanently laid off to regularly monitor the HMSHost Careers page for job openings and to apply.


What if I have any HMSHost property (e.g. computer, phones, keys, uniforms, turnpike pass, parking/transit pass) to return?
Please contact your branch/plaza leader for guidance. For OSC associates, please refer to the equipment return process already in place.

How do I pick up any personal belongings?
Please contact your branch/plaza leader for guidance. For OSC regional and Bethesda associates, please contact Jillian.Wolf@HMSHost.com or visit the OSC Equipment Return page.

How can I return my badge?
Please fill out the form on the Return My Airport Badge page.