If I still have my airport badge, should I keep it or return it to my branch?

  • You should return your badge immediately. Proper return of your badge is required by TSA. If you do not return your badge it will be deactivated, which may delay your return to work. Use this form to start the return your badge process. We will mail you a stamped envelope so you can return it do your branch leader.

What If I don’t intend to come back to work?

  • We know that some of our associates do not plan to return to work at HMSHost. It would greatly assist our planning if you would let us know if you do not plan to return. You may do so by clicking on this link: I wish to separate employment from HMSHost. This will let us know to contact you to work through some important process details.

Will all furloughed associates be recalled?

  • At this time, it is unlikely that all furloughed associates will be recalled. Recall decisions will be made as people begin to travel and we can identify how many restaurants will open, when they will open, and how many associates will be needed to work in each location.

How will the company decide who to recall?

  • Each location will have a process to recall hourly and management associates to meet the staffing needs in each restaurant and be in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (if there is one).

How will I know when I am being recalled to work?

  • You will be contacted by your branch leader or HR representative, if and when you are being recalled.

How will my manager contact me?

  • Your manager will contact you using the most recent phone number on file. To update your contact information, go to Update Your Contact Information and enter your new contact information. Note: You will need your Employee ID to access this site. Your Employee ID can be found on your paycheck stub.

Will each branch/plaza open restaurants at the same time the city/state allows street-side restaurants to re-open?

  • No. The decision to open any restaurant is based on factors specific to people traveling in the airport or on the roadway. This may not coincide with when restaurants open within each community.

What are some of the questions a manager may ask me if I am contacted to come back to work?

  • It is important to HMSHost and your manager that you are aware of and have considered the changes in our work environment as a result of COVID-19. This is not a full list, but it represents some of the questions you may be asked.
    • Do you want to return to work at HMSHost?
    • If so, have you considered the reality of:
      • Being around people and being in public spaces, such as an airport, on a regular basis?
      • Using public transportation? (Getting to airport/plaza, employee busses from parking, etc.)
      • Wearing a face covering and other protective gear for extended periods of time while at work?
      • Having your temperature checked before working every day?
      • Adapting to new and enhanced health & safety behaviors with co-workers and guests that may feel uncomfortable at first? (Staying home when sick, health pre-screening before work, washing hands more often, wearing a face covering and gloves, keeping distance from other people whenever possible).
  • If you are recalled and you feel you are unable to return to work due to a medical reason, you may be required to provide medical documentation to support that reason. If you are offered to return to work and do not return, that may impact your eligibility for unemployment benefits.