Paycheck, W2 and Verify Employment

Getting Your W2 Online

  • Go to
  • Click “Register Now”
  • Enter the Registration Code: (HMS1-IPAY)
  • Enter your Name and select W-2 Services as the Service
  • The following information is required for validation purposes:
    • Full Social Security Number SSN/SSA: example 123456789 (no dashes)
    • Employee ID number: example 0123456 seven digits staring with a 0
    • Found on upper middle of paystub
    • Company Code: WHG (in all caps)
    • Employee Zip Code – Zip code on file as of 12/31/2020
    • Tax Year: 2020

Requesting a Copy of your Paystub

  • If you need to request a copy of your paystub, please send an email to:
  • Please provide your Employee ID number and payroll period(s) for which you are requesting a copy of your paystub.

Stopping Payment on Your Lost Paycheck

  • If you have a lost check, please complete the Stop Payment Request Form (PDF)
  • Due to the current circumstances we understand that it is not safe or realistic to expect a notary signature; however, please have your local HR Manager approve the request. Complete as much of the form as possible. Any missing information can be completed by your local HRM.
  • Once the stop payment clears, we will issue an off-cycle check.
  • Please ensure that your address is correct to avoid another lost check.

Verifying Your Employment with HMSHost

  • There are two options for HMSHost Associates to verify employment and income:
  • Option #1 – The party verifying employment and income can directly request information by:
    • Visiting
    • Entering our Employer code – 19413
    • Entering the Last Name of Associate they are verifying
  • Option #2 – HMSHost Associates can access their information and send to the verifier by:
    • Contacting the WorkNumber Client Service Center to request a copy of the report at 866-604-6570
    • Visiting and navigating to the Employee section (log In is required)
    • Select ‘HMSHost Corporation’ as your Employer
    • If you have not previously registered on the site, you will need to select ‘Sign Up’
      (Be prepared to provide contact information, SSN#, and DOB to complete the registration)
    • Once registered, click here for instructions on how to download the report instantly