Information about OSC Equipment Return, Personal Items Retrieval, and Mobile Devices

It remains unclear when we will be able to return our furloughed OSC associates to work. As a result, the company is retrieving badges and equipment including laptops, iPads, printers, monitors, and other devices.

Mobile Phone – you are permitted to keep the mobile device and the phone number provided to you. Here is some key information and next steps:

  • The company will no longer pay for service after August 31 so we will need to arrange to wipe HMSHost information from your device:
    • The wiping of HMSHost information and factory reset of the phone can be completed during a scheduled office visit.
    • If you are a remote or regional OSC based associate, wiping of HMSHost information will be completed remotely.
  • If you require assistance with backing up personal information, please indicate the request under the Comments area on the Equipment Return Form.
  • KEEPING YOUR PHONE NUMBER – regardless if you are planning to retain your mobile device and stay with AT&T or transfer to another carrier, here are next steps:
    • Contact the National Business Ordering at 888-444-4410, then select option 2, and then option 5.
    • The National Business Ordering hours of operation are from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET)
    • You can also visit an AT&T Store.
    • You don’t need any specific PIN or account number from HMSHost to transfer. AT&T will provide the information that is needed. You have until August 31st to make the switch or your line is subject to be cancelled.
  • Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact for assistance.

If you have HMSHost equipment still need to be returned, please contact Jillian Wolf ( or Sandra Love ( to schedule an office visit or to request a FedEx label.