HMSHost is taking every CDC recommended precaution to keep associates safe; to include:

  • Wellness Checks, inclusive of temperature checks, are conducted for every associate at the start of each shift
  • Face masks must be worn by all associates while working
  • Gloves are required to be worn for certain positions and when local jurisdictions require it
  • Protective eyewear is recommended and face shields are provided by the company
  • Cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been enhanced and are completed more frequently
  • Handwashing and changing of glove protocols are more stringent and completed more frequently
  • Hand sanitizer use has been added to handwashing protocols
  • Restaurants are marked with signage for physical distancing between guests and associates
  • Training on Health & Safety protocols and PPE is mandatory
  • New contactless technology will be implemented to reduce contact between associates and guests
  • Guests are required to wear face coverings to enter our restaurants

How is the company discouraging associates from coming to work when they are sick?

  • Our rule of thumb is simply “if you are sick, stay at home”. This messaging is delivered through posters, infographics, shift meetings and before-shift wellness check protocols. Each associate is asked to self-screen prior to coming to work and to contact their manager if they answer “yes” to any of the screening questions or have a temperature at or above 99.5.

What additional precautions is the company taking to ensure associates do not work when they are sick?

  • Each day an associate arrives at work they report to a designated area to go through a wellness check. Each associate is asked screening questions and has their temperature checked. Any associate who does not pass the wellness check or has a temperature of 99.5 or above is sent home.

Do associates have to wear a face covering/mask or other protective items while working?

  • Yes, all associates must wear a face covering while working. Associates may provide their own face covering, or the company will provide one. The company also highly recommends protective eyewear and can provide associates a face shield as added protection.

How is HMSHost keeping restaurants clean and sanitized?

  • We are tracking regulations and guidance by state and local agencies, as well as the CDC and FDA, to determine guidelines for key areas. This includes thoroughly detail-cleaning the entire facility before re-opening the restaurant. Throughout the shift, we regularly sanitize all food-contact surfaces and disinfect all high-touch areas in the FOH and BOH.

How do associates maintain physical distance from each other while at work?

  • Distancing protocols are in place and associates are trained on maintaining physical distance from one another while at work. However, in our environment we know maintaining physical distance is not always possible. Therefore, wearing required PPE and following enhanced health & safety protocols are a must.

How do associates interact with guests and maintain physical distance from them?

  • Associates are trained and coached to meet our guest’s needs while strictly enforcing safety and sanitation measures. Distancing protocols such as floor decals, signage, table spacing, capacity limits and contactless interactions will be in place. We will be incorporating technology to promote contactless service. However, in our environment we know this is not always possible. Therefore, wearing required PPE and following enhanced health and safety protocols are a must.

Are guests required to wear a face covering in our restaurants?

  • Yes. Guests are required to wear a face covering to enter our restaurant and must keep them on except when seated.