About My Benefits

For Associates formerly in the HMSHost health & welfare benefit plans:

  • Call the HMSHost COBRA Center at 1-877-292-6272 if you have questions about COBRA coverage.
  • For questions about Benefits Accounts, please refer to the HSA HRA HCSA FAQs document (PDF) or contact Via Benefits at 1-800-953-5395.

For Associates with Union Health Benefits:

For questions about my HMSHost 401k Retirement Plan:

  • Contact Fidelity Investments at 800-835-5095 or through www.netbenefits.com.
  • Participants may maintain their account in the HMSHost 401k Plan after employment ends, if their account balance exceeds $1,000. Fidelity can assist you with questions you have regarding withdrawing or rolling-over your account balance, setting up monthly loan repayments, and other matters regarding your plan account (including CARES Act questions).