About My Benefits

If I use paid time off, will I continue to accrue new paid time off while on the Furlough Program?

  • Yes. The amount of leave an associate may accrue is based on total hours paid (not hours worked) during a service anniversary year.

Can paid time off be cashed out while on Furlough?

  • No. Paid time off cannot be cashed out while on Furlough, it can only be used per the terms of the Furlough Program.

Will I receive holiday pay during the Furlough?

  • No. Unfortunately, holiday pay does not apply while on Furlough.

Can I apply for unemployment while on Furlough?

  • Yes. You should apply immediately. Please see the File for Unemployment section for more information.

What do I need to know about my Health & Welfare benefits? (Important Update Effective June 4th)

  • As of June 4, 2020, participation in active group benefits through HMSHost will end for furloughed associates. If you were enrolled in a COBRA-eligible health coverage benefit which are:
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision, or
    • Health Care Spending Account (Health FSA)
  • The Associate Benefits Center (ABC) will mail a COBRA notice to your home address informing you of your options to continue your coverage, deadlines for enrollment in COBRA, and payment requirements. You should receive this information by the end of June, as long as your contact information is correct. There is important information in the COBRA packet that details important coverage information, dates and deadlines, and your obligations and requirements to continue your coverage.
    • Call the COBRA department at ABC at 1-877-292-6272 if you have questions about COBRA coverage or do not receive a COBRA notice and believe you should have received one by the end of June.
    • Note that this is a loss of coverage that could allow you to obtain coverage through other sources such as a spouse or health insurance marketplace exchange https://www.healthcare.gov
    • IMPORTANT – you must keep your coverage current to enroll in COBRA. If you have received an invoice for missed contributions, you must pay that invoice if you intend to continue your coverage through COBRA.
    • IMPORTANT – For questions about Benefits Accounts, please refer to the HSA HRA HCSA FAQs document (PDF).
  • For other benefits, it may be possible to continue your coverage through the portability and / or conversion options. If you were enrolled in the benefits shown below, conversion or portability notices will be mailed to your home address. Contact the carriers directly if you do not receive this information by the end of June or have any questions.






Group Term Life
Accidental Death & Dismemberment



Critical Illness
Hospital Indemnity






ID Theft Protection

For Associates with Union Health Benefits:

Can I still contribute to my 401k account?

  • Generally, any 401k contributions must come through a paycheck. If you are electing to use paid time off to receive pay, you can still contribute to your 401k. Otherwise your account will stay active but not have contributions. If you want to stop contributions entirely, you can also make this choice.

What will happen to my 401k loan?

  • Participants affected by the COVID-19 crisis may contact Fidelity to request deferment (suspension) of their loan payment. Deferment of loan payments will generally begin within 1-2 pay periods after the participant self-certifies their qualification and will end on December 31, 2020. Loans deferred will be re-amortized in January 2021.

Can I withdraw my 401k account balances?

  • Yes, please refer to the CARES Act Benefits (PDF) document for information.
    For additional information regarding making or changing contributions, making direct loan payments, withdrawing 401(k) Plan account balances, or requesting a deferment of loan payments, please contact Fidelity Investments at 800-835-5095 or through www.netbenefits.com.

Is the Employee Assistance Program available to me?

  • Yes. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is administered by a third-party confidential vendor and is a great and confidential resource for any personal life issues and situations where professional guidance may be needed. For assistance, please contact First Advantage at 800-935-9551.