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A Message from Steve Johnson, August 11, 2020

When travel initially collapsed in March due to COVID-19, HMSHost furloughed many OSC and front-line associates. At that time, we had hoped the downturn would be short and we would be able to return our associates to work. However, the recent surge in COVID-19 cases nationally has undone any gains in travel in recent months, and there is no short-term end in sight to the economic crisis.

Due to the slow recovery and challenging business climate, HMSHost has made the difficult decision to lay off a significant portion of our associates. We are deeply grateful to all of our associates for their commitment and care for our guests and one another to make HMSHost a best-in-class company.

You are encouraged you to listen to the full message below and visit the WARN Notice FAQs page for additional information and FAQs regarding furloughs.

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